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Mineral Pressed Blushers

Mineral Pressed Blushers

What if I Fall?

There is an inspirational quote floating around Facebook that says, “What if I fall? Oh, but my Darling, what if you FLY?” This quote has resonated with me ever since I saw it 2 months ago. We are all so afraid to fail that sometimes it holds people back from their greatest achievements.

What if I fall

Last winter, both of our daughters suffered sports injuries so bad that they both required surgery. When we were nearing the end of physical therapy for both, the therapists warned us that our girls may be timid when they return to play. They may be afraid of re-injury or they may be afraid that they’ll never be as good as they once were. This became true for one of our girls.

She kept saying she wasn’t any good, she wasn’t going to do well, don’t bother to come & watch, I’ll be bad. Then she had her 1st competition & all of that negativity fell to the wayside & out came our old competitor. Strong & competitive as ever. I can’t say for sure what brought about the change in her? But I’m so glad it did because now she can FLY!

In my new business, I discovered that I was afraid to succeed! Can you imagine? Afraid to be successful at something?! Well, I was worried that if I grew a team, I’d be responsible for their success. I have to teach them how to do what I do, what if I didn’t teach them the right way? What if I didn’t give them all the right tools?  All sorts of dumb things started creeping into my mind. But then I realized, my teams success is not up to me. Yes, I need to give them the right tools & point them in the right direction, but their level of determination & drive is up to them, not me. I can’t want it for them. They have to want it for themselves! My job is to cheer them on the whole way!

That was very freeing!! Maybe that is what my daughter experienced? Maybe once she got to the starting line she realized it was all up to her. It wasn’t going to be determined by anyone else how well she did in her races. It was her race to run & her determination & drive is what will determine how well she will do.

I’ve heard Joyce Meyer say fear is from the devil. I do believe that to be true. It’s his way of keeping us down & keeping us from believing in our own ability to succeed. My hope for all of you that are reading this post right now is that you never for one moment fear failure. Let it drive you to FLY!


3D Mascara Review from Fox 8’s Deal or Dud!

This mascara is so amazing, it’s even reaching the news channels!

AND the blogosphere! I was so honored when I sent a mascara kit to a lifestyle blogger & read what she had to say! Click on Megan’s picture to take a look:

A Newlywed Wife Life Megan Carter

A Newlywed Wife Life
Megan Carter

So what are YOU waiting for? News anchors love it, bloggers love it, even celebrities are beginning to try it!

Days of our Lives Cast Members

Days of our Lives Cast Members

Go order some today! Visit!
hank you!


Stepping out of my comfort zone & jumping onto Youtube!

If  nothing else, my Younique business has pushed me out of every comfort zone I’ve had! Whenever I experience a stall in my business, I look to my uplines & see what they are doing. They all do videos. Ugh. I hate video. I have a dull voice, my hair never looks right & I can’t find a quiet moment to do one! BUT… my new motto is NO EXCUSES, so today I tried it.

It took 15 tries…no lie, & it still turned out pretty rough, but I decided that it is me…it’s real & authentic. And ya know what? I lived through it. I’m actually kinda proud of it & I can see myself doing more of them.

The reason I liked it so much is because my real personality has a chance to shine through. In the pictures I post, I look nice, kind & approachable, but you don’t get to see my crazy, fun side & I think that is one of my best characteristics. With video, I’ll get to show that. I didn’t so much with this 1st one, but towards the end I was getting more comfortable & I’m already making plans for video #2 & that one will be more “me”. ;)

Take a look at my video debut & tell me what you think! Don’t be cruel! LOL!

The moral of today’s post is, if you are stuck in a rut anywhere in your life…try something new! I’m not talking just about network marketing. I’m talking about love, parenthood or friendships too. Any time something feels dull or boring, change it up! You’ll be surprised how it changes your attitude. I feel more positive, more energized & kinda of excited to see where the videos lead me.

Today, do yourself a favor & get out of your routine & try something new. Even if it’s just a different flavor something different! :)

<3 sjb

How To Gain Instagram Followers FAST!

I’ve been playing around with Instagram this week & stumbled upon a quick way to gain TARGETED  Instagram followers! And you don’t need to worry about which #hashtag to use!

It’s super simple…

1. Click on one of your followers that is in the niche that your company is in. Mine is makeup, so I clicked on a makeup artist.

2. People tend to follow people who are in the same profession, so when you click on the followers of your follower, (are ya still with me?!) an entire list of likeminded people will come up.

3. Proceed to follow those people. I tend to still be picky & check out their profile before I follow them because I want super targeted leads. You can follow 160 people an hour on Instagram, so keep track of your progress so you don’t get shut out.

In my little experiment I started around 4:00 in the afternoon & didn’t check my IG until the next morning, 14 hours later. Here are my results…

72 new Followers in 14 Hours!

72 new Followers in 14 Hours!

Pretty cool, huh? I thought so. And my followers list is STILL rising, even though I haven’t followed anyone new today! I don’t claim that I am the 1st one to discover this, but after about 5 trainings on Instagram & reading tons of blogs about it, I never heard or saw this method mentioned. It’s simple, it’s targeted & it’s FUN getting all those new followers!

I hope this helps you get a jump on your utilizing Instagram for your business! Good luck! I’d love to hear how it worked for you! By the way, follow me on Instagram @simplysjb. ;)

<3 sjb

Every Day Makeup with Younique

Good Morning sjb friends! I hope all is going well with you today.

I want to share with you a video I posted in a Younique party last week on Facebook. A lot of the pictures you see of ladies wearing Younique are a little dramatic. BEAUTIFUL, but a little more dramatic than what a lady would wear on a daily basis, so I wanted to share my every day look with my hostess & her party guests. I got a lot of positive feedback from it, so wanted to share it with you here today on the blog.
In this video I demonstrate BB Cream in Chiffon, Touch Powder in Cashmere, Eye Pigments in Confident & Curious, 3D Mascara & finally Lucrative Lip Gloss in Luxe.
Before the start of the video, I had already applied Glorious Primer which is essential for a perfect canvas to apply your makeup. It also provides incredible staying power for your makeup ALL DAY LONG! I never used to use primer, but Glorious has changed my makeup life! Ha, ha!

I hope that shows you that you can achieve any look you want using Younique!

Tonight we have an exciting opportunity for anyone interested in owning their own Younique business. Listen in on this call & contact me afterwards so we can discuss how I can get you started! I can’t wait to talk to you later!  sjb

Op Knocking

June Kudos, Refreshed! Plus a Chance to Win $165 in Younique Products!


Get Refreshed in June!

Get Refreshed in June!


Here it is! Our June Kudos!! Refreshed is mulit-purpose! You can use it to:
1) Spray your face to give it a sweet botanical refresher!
2) Mix with our pigments to make the colors bolder & really POP!
3) Use as a toner
4) Mix with pigments again to create color streaks in your hair
5) Use as a light weight moisturizer in summer (that’s what I do!)

If you buy Refreshed Rose Water this June, you’ll get a FREE Younique headband! For as many bottles you buy, you will receive that many headbands! Buy 10 bottles, get 10 headbands!

But WAIT! That’s not ALL! (tee, hee!!)

Here’s your chance to win $165 in Younique products!! THIS was the really exciting part about our June Kudos that I couldn’t wait to tell you about!!1. Take a selfie wearing the headband that you received as part of the June Customer Kudos. (no purchase necessary, read complete rules)
2. Post the selfie to your Twitter or Instagram account.
3. Tag Younique’s Corporate Twitter Account at @Younique_Corp or @younique_corporate on Instagram. (ie )
4. Tell us what makes you “Younique”.
The judges will select one winner from three categories to receive an exclusive gift basket containing Younique Products. The categories are:
1. Most Empowering
2. Most Fun/Funniest
3. Most Creative.

Entries are accepted through July 15, 2014 at 11:59 pm (MDT). Winners will be contacted directly and announced on July 25, 2014. The respective winners of the gift baskets as determined by the judges will be able to choose up to $165 US in retail value of the products of their choice. The corporate office will reach out to the winner(s) before sending the basket to them to obtain their preferred products.

What Makes YOU Younique?

What Makes YOU Younique?

I can’t wait to see all the Younique Selfies!! Don’t be shy! Get out that phone camera, point it towards your cute lil mug & win you some Youique products!!

If you are ever interested in becoming a Younique Presenter like me & having all this fun, like me…then please visit my site, JOIN YOUNIQUE! 

Want to ask some questions first, contact me at & I’ll be happy to get back to you!!

Until Next Time, Kids! Have a GREAT Day & don’t forget your Refreshed!!



Meet Woman Entrepreneur, ME, Younique Presenter, Sarah Boyer

Last month I signed up to be a Younique presenter. I love their makeup and after looking at the commissions I could make on selling it to only myself, I decided to join them company!

Simply Younique with sjb

Simply Younique with sjb

I had been looking to join a direct sales company for a while. This last year has been a tough one with my girls. Each had suffered severe sports injuries, both resulting in surgeries & physical therapy. The bills, the constant worry about them, and the stress of “how could this happen to us all in one month” , really started to bog me down so I thought focusing my attention on something new would help relieve a bit of my stress. And relieve it did! In fact, as soon as I started putting my business together and spending time learning about Younique, both my girls made huge improvements in their respective conditions! Now I have 2 healthy girls again AND a brand new profitable home business!

Here is what drew me to Younique

1. It’s truly all online. I don’t have time to put on home parties, here or at someone else’s home.  All Youinque’s parties are done through Facebook. I create an event, my hostess invites her friends from all over the socialmediasphere & then I just showcase a new product each day of the event.

2. I don’t have room for inventory. Customers purchase from the website that Younique provides for me & their products are shipped directly to them within 3-5 days!

3. I am not the best at paperwork & since all my sales are done through my Younique website, the receipts, shipping & deliveries are all done for me. All I do is provide the purchase link.

Why I’ll Stay With Younique

It’s only been a little less than a month & I have already progressed to the 2nd level, which is also a 5% pay raise that I can never lose.

My team leader is Cara Maxfield Ramey. Her story is such an inspiration! She was on bed rest for 10 months after a difficult pregnancy & delievery. She launched her entire Younique business during that time from her bed! She has grown a large & successful team & is showing all of us exactly what to do. Each week we are given 1-3 tasks to complete & each time I complete mine, I swear something awesome happens! She’s THAT good!

Last but not least, it’s FUN. I love the products so much! My complexion & makeup have never looked so good! And I love sharing them with my friends & the friends of my friends! Younique is still a young company, only 18 months old, but we are having $1 million sales days already. People want what we have! That is exciting & I love being a part of it all! If you’d like more info on hosting a party or becoming a Presenter yourself, please visit my website:

Til next time,

sjb ~Younique Presenter ~ Yellow Level & Rising
(Updated Feb. 2015 ~ Orange Level & Rising!)


Woman Entrepreneur, Author, Susan Capobianco

Susan is one of my favorite people! We’ve never met in person, but through a Facebook group for all things retro! :) Susan has a sweet soul & as you’ll see, uses her talent to help others. Read Susan’s story about how her new children’s book, Buttons The Bunny of Button Cove Lane came to be. Here is Susan, in her own words…

Thank you, Sarah, for inviting me to share how I got my start in writing my book, what I do and why I do it…

For as far back as I can remember, I have always loved to draw, create stories and make up rhyming songs.   When I was 7, I was blessed with a sister who loved to listen to my tales.  All these years later, I can still remember the two of us, sitting in the concrete backyard of my aunt’s house in South Boston, completely engrossed in my homespun story about a cat, while oblivious to the planes that roared overhead to Logan and noisy buses that bounded up and down the busy street.

For a while, I got away from creativity when I worked as a legal secretary for several years.  Much later, when I stayed home with my children, I was able to connect with my creative side, again.  Together, we created lots of artwork and stories just like I had when my sister was younger.  As expected, when they got older and were involved in many more school and sports activities, our little arts and crafts days quietly faded away.

Not too long ago, as I was riding by the harbor, I began to hear the first few lines of a poem form in my mind.  I jotted it down and added to it later, when I got home.  By the next day, I had written a complete rhyming story about bunnies that lived by the water.  Over the next few years, I wrote eleven more rhyming stories in the bunny series.  The stories are about the simple events the bunnies experience with family and friends.  I shared the stories with my family and was encouraged to get the first story published.

I hoped to get the first book published so I could share the gentle story with preschoolers.  However, my ultimate goal was to do something charitable with the book.  That goal kept me focused as I researched self-publishers and read through their contracts.  I finally signed on with Mascot Books in March.  Mascot was very easy to work with and were willing to use my own drawings for the story.

What a thrill it was to open that first box of published and bound books when they arrived in October!  The fun began as I donated books to a couple of nursery schools and elementary school libraries in my town.  Then, a nursery school called to invite me to read to several of their classes.  Later, I was invited to do a reading and signing at a Christmas event in December.  But, the best was yet to come!  While my intention was to bring this gentle and comforting story to preschoolers, I also wanted to find a charity for my story that would benefit children. I found the perfect place just a few miles from my house!  I’ll be donating all the profits from the sale of each book to the Pediatric Emergency Department at our local hospital!  When I offered to donate to them, I was given a tour of the department and met the wonderful and caring staff of nurses and the child life specialist there.  I am so honored that my bunny tale is going to have a part in helping the children at the hospital.  I hope this is just the beginning of the good works I have planned for this book!

Thank you!  ~Sue


Isn’t that a wonderful story! Sue is one of a kind & I am blessed to call her a friend. You can purchase Buttons The Bunny of Button Cove Lane by following the link below!

ButtonsButtons the Bunny of Button Cove Lane

Here’s a happy tale about some bunnies by the bay And the little things that happen as they go about their day. Their cottage by the sea with the carrot weathervane is just a hop away.
Well kids, this concludes my Women Entrepreneur series here on simply sjb & sadly, this also concludes simply sjb. I am finding that I don’t have the time to dedicate to my blog like I had hoped. I love to blog & share my thoughts, stories & tips with you, but as a mom of two active teen girls, my time is too limited & I can’t stay consistent. I hope you all have enjoyed your time here. I will be keeping my FB page open & hope to add to it from time to time so I can stay connected with all of you! I wish you all well!
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